Playa Del Carmen, Mexico 2012

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Mexico 2012.

What a wonderful trip this was... we flew into Cancun and travelled for an hour up the Riviera Maya to Playa Del Carmen, a beautiful beachside destination.  We chose a small boutique resort with lovely Caribes for accommodation.  It was very hot in July being high summer in Mexico and spent alot of the time lying in hammocks and swimming.  My number one love is food and the food in Mexico would have to be my favourite...endless guacamole, snapper & slaw tacos for lunch just a short walk down the beach for only a couple of dollars and ice cold beer.  Another great dish in Mexico is Ceviche which is cubed fresh tuna, tomato, red onion, corriander, olives and heaps of lime wedges... dipping soft tacos in this delicious and healthy dish while lying on the floating daybed under the shade of the palm trees is something I always remember.  At night there would be a small buffet of the most delicious gaucamole served in the biggest bowl I have ever seen.  And breakfast, the best Ranchero Eggs... baked eggs with a tomato napolatane sauce with loads of avocado and smothereed in mozarella cheese and sour cream. Yum.  There is so much to do in this area of Mexico.  We were lucky enough to go swimming with the whale sharks.  This was an experience I wont forget...we had to go by boat for two and a half hours out into the deep blue ocean to find the sharks.  There were a few of us on this trip and all of us were lying on the floor of the boat with sea sickness.  Finally we arrived where about 12 sharks up to about 12 metres were diving around the boat.  So off we jumped with snorkels into this deep blue sea feeling a bit light headed and dizzy from the sea sickness but soon these large magnificent creatures took our mind off our sickness and we swam with these creatures while they played along side us, all of a sudden this gigantic creature would come up out of the dark blue sea and rub up along side us and as soon as one would swim away another would be there to say hi, it was one the best things I have ever done...I will load some pics of this soon..  Nicole x